Stephanie has been working with my son throughout this school year, and I have been consistently pleased with her thoughtful approach and strategies in working with him.  She carefully plans her sessions and keeps their activities fun, but it is clear from the content that there is purpose in everything they do together.  We had worked with another professional previously, and my son hated the experience and didn't seem to make much progress.  With Stephanie, he can articulate what tools and techniques he learns from her each week, and he seems to enjoy their time together very much.  She knows how to strike the balance between getting work done and keeping the students engaged.  Further, I have found her assessments of his learning style and academic strengths and weaknesses to be insightful and accurate.  I highly recommend her services.

-Parent of a 6th grader

Thank you for putting a study schedule together for her finals.  She feels much more confident now going into finals and executing a study plan. I can see a real difference in her focus and organization. I cannot tell you how thankful she and we are for the help you have given to her this semester!
-Parent of an 11th grader
My son and I had a great talk about you and his work with you on the drive home. He genuinely enjoys coming to sessions with you AND he really feels like he’s learning and progressing. And yet he still enjoys it! Amazing. Thank you!
-Parent of a 4th grader

My twelve-year-old son saw Stephanie Pitts to learn strategies and develop confidence in the middle school setting.  The challenges of navigating, organizing, and executive functioning were impacting his grades.  Stephanie provided help in organizing his backpack and developing a system for following class material and even helped with communicating directly with his teachers. Her personality and positive attitude with my son made him comfortable.  She is great.  Highly recommend.

-Parent of a 7th grader