How long will it take?

Educational therapy is more akin to a marathon than a sprint. There is not true time table that we can give you. The following areas are all a factor in determining the efficacy of educational therapy: goals, motivation, strategies, and willingness to partner.

Here is our commitment to you: we will “kick you out” of educational therapy when your child is ready. Most students (parents) are ready to graduate from educational therapy before they realize--we will tell you.  

The goal of educational therapy is to be done with educational therapy. We LOVE getting to tell you that your student IS NOW an independent and autonomous learner and we’re graduating them from working with us.

What is a typical session like?

Typical sessions vary in accordance with the individual psychoeducational goals established for your child. For students who are younger (elementary aged), remediation will occur through gameplay and homework that is appropriate for their psychoeducational goals (ie, a student struggling with math will not be doing history in session).

For students who are in middle school and high school, remediation usually needs to occur within the homework. Middle school and high school students are typically much busier and more anxious coming into educational therapy--they need to feel like they’ve left sessions accomplishing something tangible.

All work conducted within sessions will be aligned with the specific goals of your child. Each learner is very different and as a result, the strategies and remediation provided will be specific to your individual learner.

Can you bill my insurance?

Unfortunately, educational therapy is not covered by insurance. Educational therapists do not have licensure in the state of California and therefore, we have no insurance codes to give you. We are able to provide a superbill to you but we’ve never had a client be able to figure out how to get insurance to reimburse them--if you are the unicorn that figures it out, PLEASE let us know!

What ages do you work with?

We serve students/adults of all ages. We have educational therapists and specialists who specialize in different areas--this will be something we discuss on our phone call.

Is my child a good fit?

If your child is struggling or anxious about school, yes, they are a great fit. If YOU are struggling, notice gaps and worried about your child’s academic performance then yes, they are a good fit!

Am I (the adult) a good fit?

If you are struggling at work with meeting deadlines or have always wanted to go back to school then you might be a great fit for educational therapy.